Knob for Matlab App Designer to move like the knob for a microwave

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We want to make the knob to turn like the it does with a microwave timer, is it possible? How would we go about doing it?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Oct 2021
Do you mean you want the value of the knob to decrease over time? You should be able to do that by changing its Value property, either in a for loop or using a timer object.
f = uifigure;
h = uiknob('Value', 100);
for k = 100:-1:0
h.Value = k;
load handel
Fill in your own beeping sound to indicate that the cooking time is done. [I would have made it take 100 seconds with a longer pause but like sometimes when I'm cooking something in the microwave I got impatient waiting :)]


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