Match Block Sizes in Simulink (2021b)

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Mert Aygün
Mert Aygün on 23 Oct 2021
Commented: Rahul Subramanian on 14 Mar 2022
Does anyone know how to add "Match Size" function in Simulink? I have been using this function a lot since 2013b but I was shocked by not seeing this feature in 2021b. The shortcut for this was Ctlr+A+S. Thanks in advance!
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Rahul Subramanian
Rahul Subramanian on 14 Mar 2022
100% agree with this post! I'm very surprised at the loss of this feature. Slightly broader point - whoever from Mathworks is reading this, kindly read the following for feedback:
  1. I have been a Simulink power user for a decade+ and my greatest used keyboard shortcuts with ease are mouse right click+f+X etc style keyboard shortcuts for matching size, aligning center etc which I use every few minutes (maybe less than a minute?) to format my model and makes my modeling speed very fast. This is definitely the best part of the Simulink user interface. I 100% credit these keyboard shortcuts to making my models much more organized than the average model, as modes in Simulink can easily look clumsy.
  2. The issue is that, to coders, the part that matters is implementing logic, so dragging/re-sizing blocks around makes using Simulink feel silly. Second, it distracts me from thinking about the code I am implementing. Third, it makes my model messier of course. So if I have keyboard shortcuts, it's quick.
  3. C coders/firmware engineers are turned off by dragging blocks around and get turned off from Simulink, as manually moving/re-shaping blocks has nothing to do with the underlying code, and therefore makes Simulink feel a bit silly to use. So I show them how to use keyboard shortcuts such as align and re-size so that they can format their model and they like it.
  4. I'm sorry, but moving my mouse around to click on format->match is painful. In fact, in any software, why would I want to move my mouse around to look and click for settings when I can do it with my left hand?
  5. I'm very diasspointed this has been left out and it's making Simulink modeling annoying. Could this please be re-introduced? Thank you!

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Answers (3)

Erin McGarrity
Erin McGarrity on 9 Dec 2021
You can find it in the Format Tab after selecting multiple blocks.
Andrew Hidish
Andrew Hidish on 8 Feb 2022
I have found it in the menu how you stated, but it is taking me longer to do the same thing I've done before in previous versions of Simulink, since I need to go up to this menu and hover over the icon to tell what it does. I've become accustomed to being able to right-click and choosing it from the menu. This seems to take longer to do, hence it wastes my time. Is there a way to get the arrange and distribute menus back into the right-click dialog?

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Erin McGarrity
Erin McGarrity on 9 Dec 2021

Carlos Uribe
Carlos Uribe on 9 Dec 2021
It does not show up after selecting multiple blocks
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Mateusz R
Mateusz R on 17 Feb 2022
In my Simulink 2021b it works.

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