How to view image from .MAT file

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Max Walliam
Max Walliam on 21 Oct 2021
Answered: Chunru on 21 Oct 2021
This brain tumor dataset containing 3064 T1-weighted contrast-inhanced images from 233 patients with three kinds of brain tumor: meningioma (708 slices), glioma (1426 slices), and pituitary tumor (930 slices).
This data is organized in matlab data format (.mat file). Each file stores a struct
How can i read this file and save it as jpg i have aattached one of the .mat file

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 21 Oct 2021
x = load("1.mat");
ans = struct with fields:
label: 1 PID: '100360' image: [512×512 int16] tumorBorder: [38×1 double] tumorMask: [512×512 logical]
figure(1); imagesc(x.cjdata.image); axis image
saveas(gcf, 'a.jpg');
figure(2); imagesc(x.cjdata.tumorMask); axis image
saveas(gcf, 'b.jpg');
figure(3); plot(x.cjdata.tumorBorder); % what is this data?
. .. 1.mat a.jpg b.jpg

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