Iteration Involving 1x4 matrix

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lvenG on 17 Oct 2021
Commented: Jan on 20 Oct 2021
Hello... Would like to ask the proper procedure for iteration. Say instance below
Given P: Pgiven = [2.42 4.52 10.01 15.32]
rho=function of eta (1x4 matrix)
Z=function of eta and rho (1x4 matrix)
P=function of eta, rho and Z (1x4 matrix)-----> the P that should be calculated here needs to be equal the Pgiven
Step 1. Assumption of eta
Step 2. Calculation of rho
Step 3. Calculation of Z
Step 4. calculation of P---> end of iteration 1
What function in matlab would allow to automatically iterate until it reached an eta that provides the calculated P be equal to Pgiven?
Thank u so much!

Accepted Answer

Jan on 17 Oct 2021
while abs(P - Pgiven) > 1e-6
Jan on 20 Oct 2021
You are welcome.

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