Simulation of tissue drug concentration profile with Kp values

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I'm trying to develop the compartment model to simulate a lung concentration time profile of unchanged and metabolized drugs with tissue Kp value in simbiology app. This is because these drugs have very high lung Kp values (i.e. 100). I tried that lung concentration of unchanged drugs equals to the product of peripheral concentration and the lung Kp with repeated assginment, but I was not able to cope with this equation and the differential equation for the metabolism of unchanged drugs to metabolites in lung. How can I incorporate Kp values for the simulation of tissue concentration?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 14 Oct 2021
If you are looking for an example of how to incorporate tissue partition coefficients into a PBPK model, then perhaps you can use the following SimBiology model as an example: Generic SimBiology PBPK model
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和孝 関口
和孝 関口 on 17 Oct 2021
Thank you so much, Arthur. I was able to take a look PBPK model and it was helpful for me.

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