how to merge two NetCDF4 files into one

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Sreeraj R
Sreeraj R on 11 Oct 2021
Commented: Sreeraj R on 11 Oct 2021
Hi everyone, i am currently working on Sentinel 5P Tropomi data. the data is available in the format of NetCDF6. i am trying to merge two images into one. i need the lattitude, longitude and NO2 column data in the new merged file. is it possible to merge two files and have the merged file have all the varaiables which the two files have. if so please let me know how i can merge these two files in Matlab.
Sreeraj R
Sreeraj R on 11 Oct 2021
yes sir....sorry there is a correction the data format is not NetCDF6 but NetCDF4 (not NetCDf4_classic) . i have attched the google drive link for the data

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 11 Oct 2021
file1 = '' ;
file2 = '' ;
x1 = ncread(file1,'/PRODUCT/longitude');
y1 = ncread(file1,'/PRODUCT/latitude');
z1 = ncread(file1,'/PRODUCT/nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column') ;
x2 = ncread(file2,'/PRODUCT/longitude');
y2 = ncread(file2,'/PRODUCT/latitude');
z2 = ncread(file2,'/PRODUCT/nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column') ;
% Make my gird
xx0 = min(min(x1(:)),min(x2(:)));
xx1 = max(max(x1(:)),max(x2(:)));
yy0 = min(min(y1(:)),min(y2(:)));
yy1 = max(max(y1(:)),max(y2(:)));
% DEfine your resolutions needed
dx = 0.5 ; dy = 0.5 ;
[X,Y] = meshgrid(xx0:dx:xx1,yy0:dy:yy1) ;
F1 = scatteredInterpolant(x1(:),y1(:),z1(:),'nearest','none') ;
Z1 = F1(X,Y) ;
F2 = scatteredInterpolant(x2(:),y2(:),z2(:),'nearest','none') ;
Z2 = F2(X,Y) ;
Z = (Z1+Z2)/2 ;
shading interp

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