some Questions about Arduino Due and Simulink

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i didnt find any answers to my questions on the internet, so maybe you can help me, sorry for my bad english.
1.Is it possible to run a simulink model in external mode with different hardware targets simultaniously? I want to run a model in external mode (hardware in the loop purpouse) with a humusoft ad622 and additionally now i want to implement Arduino Due board-modules into the same model.
2. Is it possible to run a simulink-model in external mode with more than one Arduino-Due boards controlled/monitored by it?
3. How can i adjust the resolution of the analog inputs/outputs of the Arduino Due board / will there be future support for this in the form of simulink modules?
4. Is it planned in the future to support the DACs of these boards in form of simulink modules?
thank you very much and best regards

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