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Stateflow interface error when compiling Simulink model

Asked by Dzung
on 3 Sep 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Sreeram Mohan on 24 Sep 2014
Hi everybody, when compling my model with stateflow chart inside, I've faced this problem: Stateflow Interface Error: Function-call initiator 'arduino_real_world_input/Chart/ SFunction ' is attempting to invoke a function-call block on output port 1, element 1 even though this port element has not been configured to output a function-call signal. Anyone can give me some hints?

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Could you post a snapshot of the model. I guess in the stateflow chart there is a port that is connected to a function call subsystem where as the stateflow chart may have an output port. I am just guessing. Posting the model would help get more visibility !
--sreeram mohan

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