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Parallel execution on Windows HPC Server 2008 R2

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I am trying to run distributed jobs on a HPC Server 2008 R2. While defining the parallel execution settings I tried both HpcServer2008 and CCS setting. Neither worked. The Matlab version at hand is 2010a.
Find Resouce: Passed
Distributed Job: Passed
Parallel Job: Failed. With the error:
Error initialising MPI: Computer type "PCWIN" does not have MSMPI support
2. HpcServer2008:
Find Resource: Failed. With the error:
Failed to use cluster client utilities for version HPCServer2008
Any help would be appreciated.
OS: Windows HPC Server R2 64bit
Matlab: 2010a 32bit
Any advice would be appreciated.

Answers (3)

Elwin Chan
Elwin Chan on 17 Feb 2011
Hi Ohad,
R2010a does not support 32-bit clients for HPC Server 2008. You either need to submit with a 64-bit client, or you will have to use ClusterVersion = CCS.
For the failed CCS Parallel Jobs: What is the ClusterMatlabRoot property set to in your configuration? It looks like you may have installed 32-bit MATLAB on the cluster.
Regards, Elwin

Ohad on 17 Feb 2011
The ClusterMatlabRoot is set to the location of the Matlab installation C:\Matlab\...
Indeed, I have a 32 bit Matlab installed on my cluster. Is that a problem?
Regarding the HpcServer2008 ClusterVersion and 32-bit clients. Was this problem solved in newer Matlab versions?
Regards, Ohad

Elwin Chan
Elwin Chan on 18 Feb 2011
Hi Ohad,
You should install 64-bit MATLAB on the cluster nodes because there are some required libraries for our HPC Server integration that are not available in the 32-bit version of MATLAB.
On the 32-bit clients: this is not something that we support at the moment, but we are aware that this a limitation and it is high up on our list of priorities.
Thanks, Elwin


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