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Plotting a line in matlab

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Hi everyone, I am trying to draw a stright line beneath this graph for comparison evaluation but this code doesn't work for me. Any help guys.
xline = linspace(1,14,14);
xline = 1e6*xline;
yline = xline;

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Ben11 on 12 Aug 2014
It does work for me; it looks like multiplying xline by 1e6 makes the line disappear out of your figure because your units are in Mbps. What if you don't multiply xline by 1e6?

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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 12 Aug 2014
I do not think you need to do the 1e6*xline as the current plot you have looks to be already scaled to Mbps. Also since you're plotting a lines in two different commands you'll need to use the command 'hold on'.
such as:
hold on

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Aftab Ahmed Khan
Aftab Ahmed Khan on 12 Aug 2014
Just needed to remove the 1e6, its working now. Here it is, Thanks

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