Two Matrices and Tensor Product

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I have a Matrix. Lets say it is A . Size of A is : 1116* 16;
and another Matrix B: Size is ::: 31*16;
My matrix multiplication is such that where: Each row of Matrix B (with all columns) will be multipled with the whole Matrix A . and this multiplication will through 31 times. And the Resultant matrix size should be equal to size of Matrix A
But the Kronecker Product is not giving me the correct dimesions.
A bit confused in this point.

Accepted Answer

Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni
Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni on 12 Oct 2021
Edited: Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni on 12 Oct 2021
The size of each row in 31*16 matrix would be 1*16, which is a row vector. But to multiply with 1116*16 matrix, the compatible size should 16*1 (column vector). As 1*16 can't be multiplied with 1116*16, it is transposing to column vector and the output will be of size 1116*1.

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