How can I form a table including a string and some other numbers in matlab?

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Hi Dear All,
I wanted to form a table with some parameters in matlab, like below:
A=table (B,C,D,....);
All of the parameters (B,C,...) but only one are numbers. my problem is with that one parameter which is an string, a binary number.
But I seem not to be allowed to proceed with this job unless I eliminate the one string from my table.
I would appreciate you if you can tell me how can I have this table with one string and some other numbers.

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 5 Oct 2021
If you want to create a table with one row and one of the variables is a row char vector, you could wrap that variable in a cell array or convert it to a string scalar.
name = 'Steve';
height = 72;
age = NaN;
officeFloor = 3;
T = table({name}, height, age, officeFloor)
T = 1×4 table
Var1 height age officeFloor _________ ______ ___ ___________ {'Steve'} 72 NaN 3
T2 = table(string(name), height, age, officeFloor)
T2 = 1×4 table
Var1 height age officeFloor _______ ______ ___ ___________ "Steve" 72 NaN 3

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