finding determinant

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x on 28 Aug 2011
Answered: Veera Kanmani on 19 Apr 2018
Z=cov(x); disp(Z); ans:cov 0.3333 0.4167 0.2500 0.4167 0.5833 0.3750 0.2500 0.3750 0.2500 G=det(Z); disp(G); detr
2.2407e-018 determinant value obtained manually and in calci is -1.5625*(10^-6). using det after covariance producing wrong ans. help me how to take a matrix (3*3), then take covariance and for that want to take determinant.... help me in this
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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 28 Aug 2011
Delete this post since it's a duplicate. I answered your first post:

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Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani on 19 Apr 2018

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