running Multiple Functions, in Parralel in Matlab for Arduino or Ardruino Itself ?

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I want to do the following and have them run in parralll
if (condition A==True) {
function_a() ;
function_b() ;
function_c() ;
where functions_a() and function_b() have the same duration which is longer than the duration of function_c() .

Accepted Answer

Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni
You can use simple PARFOR to execute those functions simultaneously as long as they don't interact with each other. Below is the example code
matlabpool open 3
parfor i = 1:3
if i == 1
elseif i == 2
Refer the following link for more information on this
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Babacar Dieng
Babacar Dieng on 6 Oct 2021
but once i write the function on Matlab, how can i transfert it to Ardruino?
Or i have to stick to Matlab for the hole project.

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Babacar Dieng
Babacar Dieng on 8 Oct 2021
how do i transfer the matlab code to ardruino


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