Send struct over UDP

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Andrea Ciullo
Andrea Ciullo on 30 Sep 2021
Commented: Andrea Ciullo on 2 Nov 2021
Hi all,
I need to transmit a structured data over a UDP connection, which will be read from a C/C++-based application and saved on a similar struct (actualy the same, just designed in C).
Is it possibile to transmit it directly on the UDP (from Matlab, or Simulink, or both), mantaining the byte-to-byte order? I want to avoid packing the data on Matlab, and then unpacking the incoming data (on the C/C++ interface) with nested for loop and if/switch case conditions. Just directly assigned byte by byte the inconig pack to a C/C++ struct.
Any help or reference to alternative solutions will be appreciate.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 17 Oct 2021
Hi Andrea,
if you are using Simulink Desktop Real-Time, you can use the Packet Output block. The block allows you to specify a sequence of data types which together form the packet that is sent. This is the same as sending the structure with the elements equal to the data types specified. The block also supports sending multi-byte elements such as integers in little or big endian.
Good Luck, Jan
Andrea Ciullo
Andrea Ciullo on 2 Nov 2021
Ok, I see.
I think that I'll just go to route programmatically with a mux the different signals composing a struct.
Thank you very much.

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