How to avoid Matlab keeping old labels on my axis when redrawing

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Hi, I wish to thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I am having a serious headake trying to get a GUI with a couple of plots inside which correctly update as I change some parameters.
The think is the following, my GUI accepts some parameters plus a button and generates two plots and show them in their respective axes. After a while, I managed so that works in the way that I can change some parameters, press the button again and I wanted to update the plots.
The problem is that the new plots write the axis values over the old ones (they might change with the parameters) and that end up being a mess (you can see it in the picture, the Y axis is overwritten too, but only looks like "Bold" because the values are consistently the same, as that axis represents a probability).
function start_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
myhandles = guihandles(bidding);
%Get the Plots Working
set(myhandles.axes1, 'NextPlot', 'new')
set(myhandles.axes2, 'NextPlot', 'new')
%Get the variables declared by the user
load 'var.mat'
[x n]=hist(co(:),hist_prec);
for i=1:size(x,2)
[A B C]=plotyy(n,x,n,xx,'bar','plot');
set(C,'linestyle','-','linewidth',1.5, 'Color', 'red');
set(B,'FaceColor', 'blue');
save 'temp.mat'
[D E F]=plotyy(n,ep,n,xx,'bar','line');
set(F,'linestyle','-','linewidth',1.5, 'Color', 'red');
set(E,'FaceColor', 'blue');
hold on; tar=plot(n,target); hold off;
linkaxes([myhandles.axes1 myhandles.axes2],'x');
guidata(hObject, handles);
That is the code related to the graphs inside the callback. Again I appreciate any help you can provide.
Paulo F.
Paulo F. on 12 Aug 2014
It is above, the variables and data are simply a vector generated randomly from some distribution. Thanks

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Aug 2014
Please attach a screenshot. It looks like you're calling cla('reset') so that should wipe out all old information and start fresh. However you're only calling it on axes2, not on axes1. Maybe you should also call it on axes1 also. And you have a linkaxes. Why did you call linkaxes()?

Paulo F.
Paulo F. on 12 Aug 2014
Edited: Paulo F. on 12 Aug 2014
Thanks for the answers, I thought that I had attached a picture of it, but here it goes. I do call cla('reset') for axis1 too. The first is axis1 and the second axis2.
Best and thanks!
Paulo F.
Paulo F. on 12 Aug 2014
Hi, I use it to compare both graphs, the series are different versions of the data, so I want them to be both graphs compared. Nevertheless I tried it without likaxes and the problem is still there.

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