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Find similar values from different tables

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I have two matrices, the A1 (270X1) and the A2 (171X1). Matrix A2 has some values, which are the same as some of matrix A1. What I want is to find in which positions matrix A1 has the same values as matrix A2. Below I have the code I wrote but the issue is that in k1 there is the position of the last same value that the two matrices have. There are no other positions for all other same values.
% A1:270X1, A2:171X1
for i=1:length(A2)
Your help is invaluable !!

Accepted Answer

Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 8 Oct 2021
You can make use of unique function and also the syntax "k = find(X)" for find function should be sufficient as A1 and A2 are just vectors and not matrices.
The following code might help you (update the code if required according to your use case):
% Get the unique elements from A2
U = unique(A2);
% Iterate through unique elements of A2 to find if and where they are
% located in A1
for i = 1:length(U)
k{i} = find(A1==U(i));

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