Warning while solving 2 Simultaneous ODE's using dsolve

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Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni
Yes, you will get that warning if you try to pass equations and conditions directly to "dsolve". You need to use "diff" function to define a differential. You can do something as following for "d2y/dt2" with the initial conditions y(0)=b and y′(0)=1
syms y(t) a b
eqn = diff(y,t,2) == a^2*y;
Dy = diff(y,t);
cond = [y(0)==b, Dy(0)==1];
ySol(t) = dsolve(eqn,cond)
Similar to the condition, equation can also be a vector. Hope this helps
Refer to the below documentation for more information:




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