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Finding the required number of high frequency values from histogram

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I have a 60032x1 matrix. With the data I have, I made a histogram. I want the three most repeating values from it. I want the bin centres so that i can plot another graph with it.
Can someone help me with this? Thanks in advance :)

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Chunru on 23 Sep 2021
a = [randn(10000,1)-5; randn(10000,1); randn(10000,1)+5];
[y,edges] = histcounts(a);
% Use the center of edges as x-axis
x = (edges(1:end-1) + edges(2:end))/2; % bin centre
plot(x, y)
[pks,locs] = findpeaks(y, x)
pks = 1×3
1929 1951 1909
locs = 1×3
-5.2500 0.2500 5.2500
hold on
plot(locs, pks, '*')
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pratapaneni Chetan
pratapaneni Chetan on 23 Sep 2021
Thank you for helping me out but when I meant i want to plot another graph, I meant that i want to plot the graph of some other matrix vs the peak's corresponding locs. How can this be done?
Note: the other matrix's dimension is 60032x1

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