How to create a series of circle by using a specific radius in cartesian?

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Hi, Community
I want to ask about how to create a circle series in a cartesian by using a specific radius.
Lets have this variables in Matlab :
radii = 25 %This is a radius of the circles
middle_position = [-25, -25; -50, -50; -75,-75... etc] %This matrix maybe wrong because this is just an illustration
The question is, how to create a series of circles in cartesian by using a determined variable (like the above code) so we can get this kind of figure in a cartesian of matlab (plot) :
I know that it was a very simple question, but its kinda difficult for me....Would you mind to help me in finding the best code for creating the picture like above in matlab? iam so grateful if someone can help me out.
Thank you very muchh .... /.\ /.\ /.\

Accepted Answer

Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 14 Sep 2021
Edited: Fabio Freschi on 14 Sep 2021
Try something like this
% anonymous function to plot a circle given the center coordinates and the
% radius
plotcircle = @(x,y,r)plot(r*cos(0:.1:2*pi)+x,r*sin(0:.1:2*pi)+y,'k');
% radius
r = 25;
% number of circles along x
nx = 5;
% number of circles along y
ny = 7;
% create figure
figure, hold on, axis equal
% loop over the circles
for i = 1:nx
for j = 1:ny
You may also want to give a try to viscircles(centers,radii) from the Image Processing Toolbox.
See also the discussion here.

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