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Solving a System of ODEs using Euler's method

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Lionel Mends
Lionel Mends on 14 Sep 2021
Answered: Jan on 14 Sep 2021
I am having trouble finding a solution to a sytem of ODEs using Euler's method. I have tried several codes with several parameters, but I don't seem to get the right results. I have in addition to this text included the problem and my code as references. Any assitance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
The code

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Jan on 14 Sep 2021
Your function to be integrated depends on t also. You call this x in the Euler method.
At is easier to use vector equations:
f = @(t,y) [-t*y(1) - y(2); -y(1) + t * y(2)];
y(:, i + 1) = y(:, i) + h * f(t(i), y(:, i));

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