spl_meter function output vlaue difference

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hi i want 1/3 octave band db
so i use spl_meter function
but I put the same value into the same function, but the value that comes out is different.
I want to know reason this sitution

Accepted Answer

jibrahim on 7 Sep 2021
Hi Hamin,
splMeter contains filters that remember the previous output, i.e. it has states. You should not expect the same input to give the same output. If you want to discard states (the effect of the previous input), call release first:
y = spl(x);
y2 = spl(x); % y and y2 are equal
Also, make sure x is a column vector, not a row vector, A 1-by-N row vector is treated as N indepedent channels of data, with one sample each.

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