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plot 5 indipendent vectors in 3D plot

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I have 5 vectors of related elements, in the sense that the first element of vector A is connected to the first elements of vectors B, C, D, E, the second with the seconds, and so on: they represents the x, y, z, phi and delta coordinates of points.
I'm searching for a way to plot this vectors as surface plot or scatterplot, but I really don't know if it is possible to do.
Someone can help??
darova on 5 Sep 2021
Please explain more: how the vectors are connected? Can you attach some picture or data?
Francesco Porretta
Francesco Porretta on 8 Sep 2021
okay, sorry. Let's make an example:
x = [1 2 3]
y = [4 5 6]
z = [7 8 9]
phi = [0 30 0]
delta = [1 3 5]
x, y, z and phi represent the coordinates of 3 points, and delta their characteristics. For example, the point [x,y,z,phi] = [1,4,7,0] has characteristic delta = 1.
I'm searching for a way for rapresents the 3 points and their respective characteristics as a surface, where the colour represents the caracteristic of each point on this surface.
Hoping it is more clear, I'm sorry, it is my fault.

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Accepted Answer

darova on 8 Sep 2021
Just use griddata to interpolate data
Delta is represented by color.
x = 20*rand(100,1)-10; % surface coordinates
y = 20*rand(100,1)-10;
r = hypot(x,y);
z = -r.^2/10;
delta = sin(r); % surface color (characteristic)
xx = linspace(min(x),max(x),50);
yy = linspace(min(y),max(y),50);
[X,Y] = meshgrid(xx,yy); % create a mesh
Z = griddata(x,y,z,X,Y); % interpolate Z coord
D = griddata(x,y,delta,X,Y);% interpolate delta
axis equal

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