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Which MATLAB version and which approach should I use for GUI app development ?

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Which MATLAB version and which approach (Programatica, GUIDE and AppDesigner) should I use for GUI app development ?
I wil convert that app into executable file .exe. Non matlab user will use that tool in version 2015a, 2017b.
Currently I have matlab2015a, 2017b and 2020b.
So , which version should I use for that app developemnt as well as which method can I adopt?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2021
We already answered you in -- though as @Kojiro Saito points out in , App Designer is not an option for you in R2015a.
If you are converting the result into a .exe then it does not matter which MATLAB release the user has. The purpose of creating an .exe is that the executable can be used by someone who does not have MATLAB
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Kaustubh hike
Kaustubh hike on 31 Aug 2021
Thanks Walter.
The version part is resolved now .
If I am converting app into .exe so How I created that also doesnt matter right ? whether prgramatically ? appdesginer or GUIDE?
or safer side programatically will be better ?

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