Variables as arguments in 'listed' function inputs

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would like to replace the path and the .m-filename in the following function with variables instead of writing it directly there.
mcc -mv -N -p D:\Applications\MATLAB\R2012a\toolbox\images Test_Application.m
I can't even properly describe what kind of objects I am dealing with here, so please excuse how my question is formulated. At least the example makes clear what I try to achieve.
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Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Aug 2021
What you've written is the command syntax. You want to use the function syntax instead. See this documentation page for more information.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 Aug 2021
I believe both forms are only documented for functions that are somewhat likely to be used in both forms. For example, which is often used in command form when its purpose is to show the user where a function is called but can be used in function form when you want to use that information as part of a program's operation. save is another function that documents both forms because it's often used in both.
There are a few commands that people commonly call functions but are actually keywords, and those keywords don't support both forms (global and persistent come to mind) so global A would work but global('A') would not. But other than that you should be able to use either form. In particular, mcc does support both forms.

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