insfilterasync for smartphone pose estimation without GPS

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qniuaa on 24 Aug 2021
Commented: Brian Fanous on 26 Aug 2021
Hi, there! I am using inertial sensors on smartphones to estimate their pose and trajectories. Although there is a tutorial about orientation estimation (e.g., insfiltersync), the pose estimation is not available with smartphones without GPS. Does anyone have such tutorials? Thanks!

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Brian Fanous
Brian Fanous on 24 Aug 2021
I'd like to be sure I understand what you are trying to do. Do you want to estimate pose (orientation and position) based only on IMU data? Is that correct? Generally that's not feasible with low cost MEMS IMUs you'd find in a phone because of sensor biases.
Brian Fanous
Brian Fanous on 26 Aug 2021
I can’t offer you a suggestion as to how to proceed. If you plan to double integrate the accelerometer signal to determine position, your accelerometer bias will also double integrate and cause the error in your position estimate to increase quadratically over time.

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