roadrunner cannot function in ubuntu 18.04

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xu han
xu han on 23 Aug 2021
Answered: Kyle Lazerson on 18 Oct 2021
I just downloaded the R2021a Roadrunner on my freshly installed ubuntu 18.04. I was ble to direct the roadrunner to read the license file but it will not go anyfurther. Regardless of what scene I choose the roadrunner just stucked and shows a blak screen. I am trying to open the 4 way intersection but it stuck at black screen.

Answers (1)

Kyle Lazerson
Kyle Lazerson on 18 Oct 2021
Sometimes the correct graphics hardware is not enabled, or the latest NVidia drivers are not installed.
A few additional questions if the issue persists:
- Have you run a prior version of RoadRunner on this machine? Or is this the first-time trying RoadRunner on this system?
- Are there other users at your site who are running RoadRunner on similar hardware?




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