How to solve the output of function "int", can not be "double" ?

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Hi guys:
I have a question about function "int" and "double". Imagine I have a 2 line code as below
a1 = int ( "some code here");
a2 = double (a1);
I have a problem at this 2nd line, it says "Unable to convert expression containing remaining symbolic function calls into double array. Argument must be expression that evaluates to number."
The output of this a1 is
int((5000*exp(-23931/(5*(- (2969455571328467*u^8)/5444517870735015415413993718908291383296 + (6426478858171711*u^7)/664613997892457936451903530140172288 - (5723691213461993*u^6)/81129638414606681695789005144064 + (5410674489502443*u^5)/19807040628566084398385987584 - (2916731417316609*u^4)/4835703278458516698824704 + (7157656872368969*u^3)/9444732965739290427392 - (2342765945804471*u^2)/4611686018427387904 + (5565587976219517*u)/36028797018963968 + 1357300938508151/4398046511104))))/51, u, 0, 5999)
Anyone could give me some hint how to solve this problem? Thanks for your time.
sun on 24 Aug 2021
@Walter Roberson dear walter, sorry about my mutiple replies here. I think the best way to express my question is, just give out the whole picture. if this is convenient for you, could you please the link below. thank you again for your time and kindness.

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