How can I store a matrix within another matrix?

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I have a set of data that is 315x3 Double that I need to store as 1x3 double in an array of size 3x5x21. I need it in this form so I can manipulate it in simulink using a lookup table.
What would be a way to do this?

Accepted Answer

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 15 Jul 2014
you can turn the matrix into a cell array.
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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 15 Jul 2014
mat2cell has some good diagrams to show what you can accomplish with cells

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Guilherme Coco Beltramini
Guilherme Coco Beltramini on 15 Jul 2014
You could try something like:
reshape(dat, [3,5,21,3])

Rizwan Khan
Rizwan Khan on 6 Sep 2020
%create a cell array
c = cell(1,3); % cell array can contain anything
c{1} = data(3,5,21);
c{2} = data(3,5,21);
c{3} = data(3,5,21);


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