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can any one tell me some thing how to use the lasso function

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can any tell me some thing about the lasso function ..

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jul 2014
See my attached demos on imfreehand().

Sanket Mishra
Sanket Mishra on 10 Jul 2014
Edited: Sanket Mishra on 10 Jul 2014
Lasso function provides regularized least-squares regression using lasso or elastic net algorithms. You can use below syntax to execute lasso function:
B = lasso(X,Y)
[B,FitInfo] = lasso(X,Y)
[B,FitInfo] = lasso(X,Y,Name,Value)
Follow the instructions in the link for lasso function .
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jul 2014
I didn't know about that lasso function. I assumed he meant something like the lasso tool in Photoshop, but maybe not. The Photoshop-like tool is called imfreehand() in MATLAB. Maybe he can clarify.
chocho on 10 Apr 2017
@ Sanket Mishra I have tried this function before and is worked well, however, the PredictorNames character vector i found is empty and instead of having the predictor names existed in x ????

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