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Is it possible to constrain an impoly within in impoly?

Asked by Right Grievous on 29 Jun 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Right Grievous on 7 Jul 2014
Hi everybody,
I have a graph on which the user places a rectangle, I then want the user to be able to draw or modify another rectangle within the first, however, this second inner rectangle cannot exit the first at any point.
I'm using impoly as I'm familiar with it, however, these shapes may or may not be parallel to the axes (although they will be parallel to each other) so I don't think I can use makeConstrainToRectFcn as it only sets an x limit and a y limit.
Is there another way to constrain impoly? or is there a way I can have the inner polygon's vertices snapped to the first polygon's edges if they fall outside of it?
Thank you for any help,


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 30 Jun 2014
 Accepted Answer

Use imrect() instead of impoly(). And if you can't do it with constraintorect then don't worry about it and just AND the two rectangles together to get the new coordinates.

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Hi and thank you for your response, in the end it made sense to rotate my data (which were coordinates) using the excellent rotateData function on the file exchange. Once rotated to be parallel with the Y axis I could just use imrect as you suggested. Many thanks, Rod.

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