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How to do frequency allocation in Matlab

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Hi everyone,
I have a data matrix of size 100*500 in which 100 are the number of users and 500 are the number of file transmission events for each user.
Also i have a frequency table of 1*125 in which there are 125 total number of frequency channels. I have to assign 1 frequency to each user for carrying out their 500 events of file transmission.
I don't know how to get start this thing ? Also i don't know how actually frequency allocation is performed in Matlab.

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AARATHI SANKAR on 22 Mar 2019
Can you please provide the matlab code for allocating frequency channel blocks to multiple users if the number of channels is less than number of users. As per my requirement, i need to allocate 4 channels to 16 users and calculate the SINR experienced from each user on each channel.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 9 Jun 2014
I’m not certain I follow the technical details, but I suggest randperm for the arbitrary frequency assignment. If all the users are ‘equal’ in terms of their requirements, and all the channels are equal bandwidth, assign them randomly:
user_channel_assignments = randperm(125,100);
This will create a random vector (with unique elements) of 100 assignments out of 125 possible channels. So User(1) gets user_channel_assignments(1), and so forth, for all 100 users. Obviously, 5 channels will not be assigned. Since randperm generates a vector of non-repeating elements, all users will get unique channels. (Change the variable names to something more convenient. Mine are for demonstration only.)


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Aftab Ahmed Khan
Aftab Ahmed Khan on 10 Jun 2014
Hi Strider,
Please let me know when you get time. Thank you.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Jun 2014
Thanks. I saw an opened your follow-up Question.
It’s quite appropriate as a separate Question since Questions with Accepted (thanks!) Answers generally don’t get viewed by other Contributors.
It (queueing theory) is obviously not in my areas of expertise. There may be people with communications expertise who can give you a better answer than I can, but I’ll think about it and if I come up with a solution, will post it in your other Question.

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