Unable to find the external s-functions???

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Valmir Sadiku
Valmir Sadiku on 27 May 2014
Im trying to add external devices via the s-functions for the external mode and this works well as long i add the additional s-functions modules (cpp-files) in the parameter dialog "S-function modules" in S-function-Block. But if i try to add the files via the :
% in rtwmakecfg()
makeInfo.sources = {'sf_my_driver.cpp'};
it throws me this error:
The call to realtime_make_rtw_hook, during the after_make hook generated the following error:
Failed to save the makefile.
The build process will terminate as a result.
Failed to save the makefile.
Failed to generate makefile.
Failed to instantiate the template for value "# Copyright 2012 The MathWorks, Inc.
# Autogenerated on: 27-May-2014 21:57:37
# MyTemplate
# File name: sfcn_tests.mk
# Template: gmake
# Template Version: 1.0
# Tool Chain Configuration: Arduinodue
# Tool Chain Configuration Version: 1.0
MODEL_NAME := sfcn_tests
HOST_PLATFORM := windows
TARGET_EXT := .elf
OBJ_EXT := [|||[.obj]MW_XMK_OBJ_EXT|||]
TOOL_CHAIN_CFG := Arduinodue
FORMAT_PATH = $(if $(filter \\
The path 'sf_my_driver.cpp' does not exist
I can't understand why they say it does not exist, because they are definitely there! Can anyone help me? thank you goldeneyes

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