How to create OR where is, the file "funclist.html" when creating custom documentation?

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I am creating a toolbox and have recently successfully used the info here to create custom documentation. I say successful because the help appears under the "supplemental software" in MATLAB the way I want it to be.
However I would also like to post my toolbox online. Although each separately published HTML file can in principle function as a webpage it would be nice to have a table of content type of HTML so that users can click on the different functions and step through them. Basically I want a website version of how the toolbox now appears in the MATLAB help. If I study the helptoc.xml I create it contains the line: <tocitem target="funclist.html" image="HelpIcon.FUNCTION">Functions Hence it seems what I'm after is the "funclist.html" file. The MATLAB help on helptoc.xml says "For example, suppose you have created the following HTML files:" and then also lists funclist.html but does not actually explain how to create it.
Question 1: is this the file I want? (such that I can use it on a website to list my functions?) Question 2: where can I find the file or can I create it?
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