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Uitable logical format problem

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as hz
as hz on 24 May 2014
Commented: dpb on 25 May 2014
I am creating a uitable with 4 columns: 1st – Numeric, 2nd – Let Matlab choose, 3rd – Text, Editable, 4th – Logical, Editable.
When I run my GUI and try to mark the checkbox of the Logical I get this error: Warning: Table data is not editable at this location. Please click for more information
I have tried to solve the problem and failed. Therefore, how can I fix it? I wish to check or uncheck them (the default selection should be checked)
as hz
as hz on 24 May 2014
Edited: as hz on 24 May 2014
I am using GUIDE
dpb on 25 May 2014
Which release/OS/etc.?
Created a table GUI as described above and seemed to work just fine here (R2012b/Win). Have you other stuff in the GUI as well; can you prove it's not some interaction with those other elements?
I've virtually no experience whatsoever w/ the GUI stuff this being on the second ? I've responded to on the subject. The only issue I had was that after creating a variable
in workspace and applying it to the data for the logical column, while the Property Editor showed it as associated and the boxes checked, it didn't show up that way on running. Not sure what's up w/ that. BUT, it did allows check/uncheck w/ no seeming issues...

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