Eliminate zero and negative roots by Embedded Matlab Function

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Amro on 24 May 2014
Answered: Amro on 28 May 2014
I have used an embedded matlab function in simulink to Eliminate zero and negative roots in the input vector(u) so the output(y) will be vary in size according to that. The following is the code that I have written in this block:
function y = clipo(u) u(u <= 0) = []; coder.varsize('y',4); y=u;
But I get the error: Dimension 2 is fixed on the left-hand side but varies on the right ([1 x 4] ~= [1 x :?]).
Thanks ahead....

Answers (2)

Mike Hosea
Mike Hosea on 24 May 2014
The input u is fixed-size, so it is impossible to delete elements from it. Instead, copy it to a variable-size array and then delete elements from there.
function y = clipo(u)
y = u;
y(y<=0) = [];

Amro on 28 May 2014



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