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PNN probability

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Tai Fei
Tai Fei on 4 Aug 2011
Answered: Veera Kanmani on 20 Apr 2018
I am using the newpnn to simulate a PNN in matlab. Since at the pattern layer of the network the class of a test is given by the one with maximum probability, how can i output this probability in matlab ?
I have tried the sim function. It has an output "perf", but we it is applied to the net created by newpnn, matlab gives me the error message as follows:
[Y,Pf,Af,E,perf] = sim(net,P) ??? Error using ==> feval Invalid function name ''
Error in ==> network.sim at 213 perf = feval(net.performFcn,E,Y,net,net.performParam);
who can help to solve this problem ? Thanks a lot

Answers (1)

Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani on 20 Apr 2018


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