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Simulink Code Generation for mathematical funktions

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Hi everybody,
I have to generate C Code from Simulink Model, I've started with simple Models. But unfortunately I couldn't see my desired result...
I put simply a constant as a Input and a display block as a Output. then in a Atomic Subsystem with a Gain block I multiply the input Value, and as a Result I see the answer in Display, this system works like a charm of course !
But if I generate it to C-Code, in C-script I cant see any mathematical function neither multiply nor my inputs/outputs.
I guess, I have to chance some parameters in properties, but for example just for this example what kind of target files or parameters should I choose ? thank you all...
Best regards, Onur

Accepted Answer

Onur Isbecer
Onur Isbecer on 20 May 2014
thanks for the attached file. after the work I`m gonna try it,

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Onur Isbecer
Onur Isbecer on 20 May 2014
Hey Askhata !
thanks for the reply, here is the Model. A simple one, but as I said, I want to see exactly my inputs and outputs in C-Skript

Chandrasekhar on 20 May 2014
Edited: Chandrasekhar on 20 May 2014
Hi Onur, please find the attached model. i have modeled your requirement. generate the code for this model. check out the 'MathOperation' function in Codegen_example.c. this is the C code for the developed model you can find the math operation being done in this function


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