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I'm working on video, and have alot of computations in my processes. in one part i divide a number on another one, but I receive wrong result.
for example:
1.000000000000000e-03/ 1.000000000000000e-03+ 0
how can i handle this?
I use format short, but it doesn't help me.
please help

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 2 Aug 2011
You probably want (note the brackets):
m12 = deltaR12 / (min(deltaRF(ii, jj, tt), deltaRF_V(ii, jj, tt)) + epsilon);
Your code, as is divides deltaR12 by min(..,..), and then adds epsilon to the result of the division, which I suspect is not what you want.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Aug 2011
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Aug 2011
Please copy the exact code that reproduces this on your system. It appears that the denominator on the division is becoming 0, which could perhaps happen due to the exact spacing you use.
Also, I suggest you try
format short g
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shab shekan
shab shekan on 2 Aug 2011
format short;
for tt=1 : nframes-1
for ii=1: height -1
for jj=1: width -1
M12 = M(ii*3-2:ii*3, jj*3-2:jj*3, tt) + M_V(ii*3-2:ii*3, jj*3-2:jj*3, tt);
deltaR12 = det(M12) / det(M12(1:2 , 1:2)) * norm(M12(1:2 , 1:2), 'fro');
if isnan(deltaR12)
deltaR12 =0.001;
m12 = deltaR12 / min(deltaRF(ii, jj, tt), deltaRF_V(ii, jj, tt)) + epsilon;
c = c+ m12;
denominator never can be zero, because of 'epsilon' is constant in denominator. My problem is in this line "m12 = deltaR12 / min(deltaRF(ii, jj, tt), deltaRF_V(ii, jj, tt)) + epsilon;"
and I used "format short g" before, and it doesn't usefull for my problem.
by the way, thank you so much walter.

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