Tutorial to implement a Simulink model into a Texas Instruments control board?

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I am looking for a tutorial on how to generate and run a Simulink model (or Matlab code) in a Texas Instruments control board and I cannot find anything useful. There are several documents and videos but it doesn't explain it step by step.
I am getting quite weird errors and I cannot find how to solve them:
Error: File: C:\Apps\R2013a\toolbox\target\extensions\processor\tic2000\blks\mex\tlc_c\c280xgpio_do.tlc Line: 24 Column: 29
Values of NULL type cannot be expanded
I am using a Piccolo Control Stick (F28069).
Many thanks.

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Answers (1)

Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS on 21 Apr 2015
Hello People,
Are you using 'Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio v3.3 (C2000)' ?
If yes, this or a similar error can appear when the toolchain selected for the build process is 'Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio v3.3 (C2000)', the model uses a block from the c2000 support package, and the 'Target Hardware' option under 'Target Selection' is not set. To resolve the issue, select a specific board for 'Target Hardware'.
Hope this helps,

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