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Finding the deviation between two similar images

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I drew a baseline shape via adobe illustrator. I then sent this shape to a cutter/plotter, cut several copies of it, and took pictures of each one. In order see how accurate these cuts are I just want to compare the boarders of each cut to the baseline image and sum up every point which deviates from the baseline.
Problem is the images I have of the cuts are not already aligned, they need to be rotated so that they fit each other, using xcorr maybe? Everything must also be greyscale. Then i want to take the edge filter or gradient of each image so that all we have is the outline of the image. I need the absolute value of the difference between each pixel. Then sum them all up so that this sum represents how much the image of the cut differs from the image of the baseline. Can anyone walk me through out to do this or provide me with some code? Thank you.

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Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani on 20 Apr 2018

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