I am going to classify multispectral remote sensing image using SVM .

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I have written a code for classifying three crops using SVM training , The three crops are cotton ,wheat and gram. Now to get more accuracy I want to optimize the training data using genetic algorithm then I wish to train the optimized data using SVM train and then want the classification result . First want to compare the result with simple SVM algorithm , I am attaching the codes here please help me to correct that code so that i could get the better kappa coefficient .ore if u suggest some other parameters of comparison of two techniques . One more thing is please suggest me how to use kernels in SVMtrain instruction ..!

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 11 Apr 2014
The following section in the documentation shows how you can use cross validation to tune your svm parameters using optimization:
Go through the examples and how-to's in this link, that should answer most of your questions:
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Priyanka Athawale
Priyanka Athawale on 12 Apr 2014
Thank u sir , will u please explain me how can I use this in my program ?? and can validation help me to calculate accuracy of the classifier ?

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