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How to go to an initial step in a running function?

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Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz
Antonio Trujillo-Ortiz on 7 Apr 2014
Commented: dpb on 7 Apr 2014
Hi all,
I need some hint to this. Suppose you are running a Matlab function and in some forward point, partial results must to be checking. If they pass a constraint can proceed, otherwise it is necessary going to some initial step.
Any help are welcome. Thx.
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dpb on 7 Apr 2014
You'll have to enclose the necessary code section in a loop of some sort such that it repeats when needed.
Look at
doc continue
doc break
as possible help in a for or while loop; another alternative might be to enclose the code in a catch...try block
More specifics would likely help to refine a response...

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