How to give an initial value to a variable in simulink "matlab function"

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SHINCHEN on 1 Apr 2014
Commented: SHINCHEN on 5 Apr 2014
The input is "hitin" and the output is "hitout" (on the right-hand side of M function),which is saved as matrix HIT. However, I want to give an initial value to variable,"hitin". i uses "memory" but it has compiling error! If i am right the result of HIT is supposed to be 1 9 9 9 9 .... Hoping somebody can help me.

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Niklas Nylén
Niklas Nylén on 1 Apr 2014
It looks like the reason for the compile error is that hitout may not be set at all, for example if hitin = -1.
Change the elseif condition to an else condition and the compile error should disappear.
SHINCHEN on 5 Apr 2014
Sorry!I missed your answer. It is still not working. But thanks alot!

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