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What is the purpose of "inputdlg"?

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Daesik ?
Daesik ? on 22 Jul 2011
[EDIT: 20110722 11:30 CDT - reformat - WDR]
I'm understanding a MATLAB code starting with following lines.
dlgtitle = 'parameter ';
no = 1;
prompt = {'a', 'b'};
value = {'1', '2'};
answer = inputdlg(prompt, dlgtitle, no, value, 'on');
answer_str = char(answer);
c = str2num(answer_str(1,:));
d = str2num(answer_str(2,:));
However, I'm not familliar with "inputdlg".
Is there someone who can explain the meaning of the program line by line, and the purpose of "inputdlg"?

Answers (2)

Gerd on 22 Jul 2011
help inputdlg
The command is used to get an input from the user.

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 22 Jul 2011
also - step through the code line by line to understand whats its doing - use the help to look at the other commands.


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