Arduino not working after upgrading from MATLAB 2012a to 2013b.

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I was earlier using ARDUINO mega with matlab 2012a and simulink which was working fine. I few days back upgraded it to 2013b. Now after adding support package in matlab(from ADD ON option)matlab is unable to make connection with board. I tried with arduino IDE where i observed that sketch is uploading successfully but no tx rx blinking and no execution of the sketch is observed. Board is working fine when tested with ide on other computer. I am using core i5 with win7
Your help in this matter will be highly obliging

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Brais Gonzalez
Brais Gonzalez on 9 Apr 2018
You need to use by Giampiero Campa Legacy MATLAB and Simulink Support for Arduino between Matlab Arduino 2006 and Matlab Arduino 2013
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Answer for Error using arduino (line 104) Warning: Unsuccessful read: A timeout occurred before the Terminator was reached.
The answer is: 1 In the Arduino software(IDE). You need write the code, which you find in file "adioes.pde" There are three files adio, adioe, adioes. A for analog D for digital I for input O for Output E for encoder S for Servo. If you need a Servo o a encoder, you need put the code more complete adioes. 2 Compile this code and send to arduino. Close the IDE 3 To open matlab and to write a=arduino("COMxx") 4 You has finalized the Arduino instalation 0 Comments


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