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how to determine if another instance of matlab is running ?

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hi, anyone who can tell me how to determine if another instance of matlab is running? (using a 'trick' right now: automatically write a dummy file when starting up matlab and deleting it when closing. checking for this file tells me if matlab is running or not. but there has to be a more elegant way (that also works if matlab closes not the way it should) I reckon?) thanks!
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 19 Jul 2011
A little more information about your OS, MATLAB version, and licensing, would be helpful.
Peter on 19 Jul 2011
I'm using windows XP, matlab R2009bSP1, with academic campus license.

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Accepted Answer

Friedrich on 19 Jul 2011
on windows you can do:
[out, res] = dos('tasklist')
This will give you a list of all running programs. Search in that list for matlab.exe:
On Linux you can use the top command to get the list.
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Peter on 19 Jul 2011
thanks Friedrich,
when matlab is running a second instance, matlab.exe is indeed twice in the task list. so this will do!

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