For loop, two variables

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Jin on 5 Feb 2014
Commented: Jin on 5 Feb 2014
I am new to the matlab and just start using it. Here is my first task and I am stuck.
I was using a for loop to calculate the changing Temperature with Time dT(i) = dT(i-1)*t where t = (1:100), and i=(2:100), start point dT(1) = 0.35
Here is my script: i = 1 dt(i)=0.35 i = 2:100; for t=1:100 dt(i,t)=dt(i-1)*t; end; plot (dt)
As in result, there are 100 of curves.

Accepted Answer

Amit on 5 Feb 2014
Edited: Amit on 5 Feb 2014
dT = zeros(100,1); % Initalize
dT(1,1) = 0.35;
for j = 2:100
dT(j,1) = dT(j-1,1)*j;
The reason you get 100 curves, because dT(i,t) where i = 2:100 simply suggests that there are 100 rows and with every loop you add a new column for each row with some scalar value calculated.
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Jin on 5 Feb 2014
Hello Amit,
Thank you so much, it worked.
Thank you again J

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