How to convert MATLAB variables to Simulink Parameters ?

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I have several MATLAB vars in the base workspaces. Now I want to create Simulink.Parameter objects using the MATLAB vars' names. In another words, I wanna convert MATLAB variables to Simulink Parameters. All the operations need to be fulfilled in command line. Anyone who can give some help? Thanks !

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Niklas Nylén
Niklas Nylén on 21 Jan 2014
There may be some better way to do it, but this works. The storage class below is the one I use when I need to make a parameter tunable in a dSpace Autobox.
par = Simulink.Parameter;
par.RTWInfo.StorageClass = 'ExportedGlobal';
par.Value = myWorkspaceVariable;
myWorkspaceVariable = par;
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Dyson Freeman
Dyson Freeman on 21 Jan 2014
Smart way! Thanks! I have modified your method to suit my problem.

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Dyson Freeman
Dyson Freeman on 22 Jan 2014
I carefully studied this issue again, and found that there is some different between my question and the accepted answer. Because what I wanna do exactly is substituting the Simulink.Parameter for the MATLAB vars in base workspace, using batch operation in command (both have the same name but different class, respectively), the accepted answer still can not accomplish this goal since it didn't work when using for loop (The transform from var name to string have some restrictions). My code is as follows:
vars = Simulink.WorkspaceVar(who,'base workspace');
for idx = 1:length(vars)
TempValues(idx) = eval(vars(idx).Name);
str = vars(idx).Name;
eval([str '= Simulink.Parameter;']);
eval([str '.Value = TempValues(idx);']);
eval([str '.StorageClass = ' '''ExportedGlobal''' ';']);

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