Vectorizing code ( calling a function with input as a matrix ) fails

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I have a function
if true
% function f=eu(c,theta, alpha, beta,P,D )
Then input c is a 1*2 matrix. Now I have C which is a 5051 *2 matrix. I would like to call function eu 5051 times and calculate its value for every row of C. I know I can write a loop for that but it is slow. So I want to do something called Vectorizing code. I tried this way.
if true
load D
load C
eu1=@(c)eu(c,1.1,0.2,0.1,[1/3.1/3/1/3],D )
u=eu1(C,theta, alpha, beta,P,D )
But the result u is still a scalar but not a 5051*1 vector as I expected it to be. Do you know where I am wrong?

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